Opal Stacking Ring

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The Opal is by far one of the most beautiful gems with it's stunning fire and flashes of colour when the light hits it. The Romans thought it was the most precious and powerful of all because Opal has all the colours of other gems. The Bedouins believed that Opals contained lightning and fell from the sky during thunderstorms.
Traditionally, the Opal is considered to be the birthstone for October and is believed to bring luck, health and love to its wearer. To astrologists, the stone represents the star sign of Libra, symbolising sincerity and purity.

This ring is made with a beautiful 4mm Opal cabochon bezel set onto a round profile band. Made in 9ct Recycled Yellow Gold with an A-Quality Fine natural Opal which will be individual with different flashes of red, pink, blue or green in the light. No two are the same! The opal in the photo was quite transparent on this occasion.
It would make a smart addition to your ring stack OR wear it alone for understated elegance.

Handcrafted in 9ct recycled yellow gold.

Approximate dimensions:
W 1mm band (1mm Round Profile)
4mm diameter Fine Opal

Please note that each stone is unique. Flashes of colour appear when light hits the stone at different angles. The Opal in the photo appears transparent, but every stone is different.

There are many misconceptions about Opals being brittle and needing to be kept wet. While it is one of the more delicate gemstones, Opals can be worn day-to-day without any problems.
Opal is generally stable, but high heat or sudden temperature changes can cause opal to fracture. It is advised to remove your opal jewellery when using cleaning products.
While water will not damage your opal, water can change the colour of some opals depending on their porosity, but they usually return to their original state once dried out (this may take weeks depending on the stone). Your ring will generally be safe while washing hands, however to prevent any significant changes it is recommended to remove it when showering, bathing, swimming or other activities that will cause it to be submerged for longer periods.

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