Modern & Mindful 

We love jewellery - almost as much as we love the planet.
It's because of this, MINIMA jewellery is made with consideration for the environment. The majority of our pieces are made with recycled gold, and all but a few* are made with 100% recycled material. While there are also other socially & environmentally mindful options for jewellery, we believe that recycled metals to be an excellent option to make fine jewellery accessible while keeping impact low.

• MINIMA jewellery is sent using 100% recyclable packaging, incl. jewellery boxes which are produced using recycled paper & card. We are developing a non-plastic/synthetic alternative for our box inserts.

• MINIMA items are handcrafted using Recycled Gold (*except for some chains, earring scrolls & some pendants), and endeavour to use recycled/Eco Silver wherever possible.

• All MINIMA jewellery complies with UK hallmarking laws & EU Nickel regulations.

• All gemstones are 100% natural, unless requested otherwise, and are responsibly sourced from trusted suppliers. MINIMA uses suppliers that support businesses where gemstones are sourced without child labour or by exploitative methods, and that are committed to the Kimberley Process to ensure diamonds are conflict free.

• We use non-hazardous chemicals in the production process and dispose of any waste responsibly.