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Beaded Ring

Beaded Ring

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This beaded band is both beautiful alone or stacked with other rings. It is made of solid 9ct yellow gold and measures 1.5mm thick. Stack it with other petite bands!

Also available as a set of 2 or 3 rings, including a classic smooth band and the beautiful beaded band to add texture and some extra sparkle.

Handcrafted in 9ct yellow gold.
Smooth bands are 100% recycled gold.

Approximate dimensions:
W 1.2mm thick smooth band
W 1.5mm thick beaded band

Available as a SINGLE Beaded Ring or smooth band, or as a set -

Set of 2 Rings:
1x smooth band
1x beaded band

Set of 3 Rings:
Option A:
2x smooth bands
1x beaded band

Option B:
1x smooth band
2x beaded bands

Please note, photos show the bands with other rings in our collection, including the Grain Ring.

Please check our FAQs if you're unsure of your UK/AUS size.


All our designs are made with 100% solid recycled precious metals* and natural, responsibly sourced gemstones.

*Except some beaded designs

Care information

To keep your jewellery free from dirt, tarnish & breakage, we recommend removing jewellery before sleeping, working out, swimming, bathing or showering, avoid contact with perfumes, chlorine & other chemicals, and to carefully store away from dust and humidity.

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